Having low humidity in your home can also damage the wood in your home: furniture, hardwood floors, and even your home’s framing, as the dry air sucks out the moisture contained within them. One of the most nagging effects of dry indoor air is static shock! We all have felt the uncomfortable ZAP as  you drag your socked feet across a carpet then the moment we let our guard down and reach for a door handle, BAM!! Adding a whole home humidifier can alleviate this problem.

Portable Personal Humidifier VS Whole Home Humidifier

Nearly every hardware store sells those small plug in room humidifiers that require adding water every day, sometimes multiple times a day. They do have their place, however relying on them to humidify your entire home is not a good idea if the expectation is to prevent static shock, prevent dried cracked skin and those annoying bloody noses. You will have much better humidity control and increase the health of your family all while protecting your investment(your home.)

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